I’m a very green/red personality, which means I THINK and research/study about everything before I take even a smidgen of a step forward (both a strength and a huge weakness), but I’m also a very no-nonsense, take charge person who doesn’t indulge in a lot of frilly, chitchat type conversation (another strength and weakness). Then you throw in a bunch of paralyzing, fear-based procrastination that I’m known for (yup, you got it, NOT a strength) and you have a recipe for … NOTHING ever getting done! 😳

I recently joined a 30-day challenge to do daily live videos on social media. My personal goals for joining the challenge were to learn the most up-to-date way to communicate with people so as to help me grow personally as well as help me with my businesses. When I realized that I did not die, did not end up in the looney bin, and did not … fill in the blank with what ever fear you can think of … after doing my first live video in preparation for doing the challenge, something happened inside me. I had a huge Aha Moment! Some things that I’ve learned over the past few weeks suddenly became crystal clear. Lisa Grossman says to “Marry the process and divorce the outcome.” Nadya Melton says to “embrace the suck” and to not expect perfection on day one (oh, did I mention I’m a bit of a perfectionist?). I think it was John Melton who described the process of growth something like this (or was it Ray Higdon?, I forget which):


You suck, suck, suck, suck


You no longer suck, you’re just bad, bad, bad


You’re no longer bad, you’re just adequate, adequate, adequate


You’re no longer just adequate, now you’re not half bad, not half bad, not half bad


You’re no longer just not half bad, now you’re kinda good, kinda good, kinda good


You’re no longer just kinda good, now you’re good


You’re no longer just good, now you’re very good


You’re no longer very good but great


You’re no longer great, now you’re stellar

The reality is that in order to go from suck to stellar, you gotta go through the other stages – bad, adequate, not half bad, kinda good, good, very good, great! Man, oh man! You have got to be kiddin’ me!!! Why the heck can’t I just hop from suck to stellar and skip all the inbetween pain??!

It’s about OVERCOMING (dying to) who you’ve been up to today and beginning to BECOME (birth) the person you want to be! (That concept comes from Lisa Nichols.)

So, embrace your particular flavor of suck (as Nadya Melton says), go through the process of doing the hard work necessary (as Lisa Grossman says), and let your old self die so you can birth the new and best YOU that you are wanting to become (as Lisa Nichols says). Even if you’re afraid, just do it anyway, because the only alternative to “doing it” is “not doing it” which means … staying exactly where you are right now. As Andy Andrews says, “burn the boats” and give yourself no other choice but to succeed!!

Some of the sources for my inspiration:

Andy Andrews:


Lisa Nicholas


Nadya and John Melton


Ray Higdon


Lisa Grossman


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