Don’t let the naysayers in your life bring you down! You WILL run into them every day among your friends, family and co-workers, as well as people you don’t even know. Rather than getting mad at them and stooping to their level, rise above them and show them what is possible by your actions! You never need to defend your choice to go for your dreams and vision! Be the beacon of light in what may be a very unhealthy environment! Figure out exactly WHY you are on this journey and then let that propel you to staying your course and making wiser and healthier choices for yourself. When you get the phenomenal results I KNOW YOU ARE CAPABLE OF people will be amazed at your transformation! Stop looking at temptations as something negative that you must deprive yourself of. Rather look at temptations as a positive OPPORTUNITY to make better choices for your health and your life! You can do this! If you can’t see the goal yet then start seeing through my eyes until you can see it!

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