Everybody faces adversity in life. Everybody experiences pain. You cannot avoid either; you WILL experience both over and over again in your life. You have two choices for how you will respond to adversity and pain. You can respond by allowing them to defeat you – “it’s just too hard”; “it’s not fair”; “I might as well give up because nothing ever changes”; “no one is ever going to let me succeed”; etc. OR you can use the adversity and pain to drive you closer to where you want to be. Only YOU can decide how you will respond – defeat (death) or motivation (life).

In the past I used to respond in defeat. Outwardly, I might appear strong and like nothing really was going to stop me. But inwardly I was curled up in a ball of pain and confusion and fear. I used to respond to adversity and pain by clinging to my safety net. As a result I used to watch dream after dream die before they ever had a chance to become real. Life was safe. Life was predictable (both the bad and the good). Life was a known level of acceptable pain. Life was stagnant.


I CHOOSE a different path. I choose the path of LIFE!

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