CONFIDENCE is your reputation with yourself !

“CONFIDENCE is your reputation with yourself and grows as you consistently keep the promises you make to yourself!” (Paraphrase of quote by Ed Mylett from his “Broke to $400 Million” interview.)

So, I was listening this morning Ed Mylett’s recent interview by Omar Ellatar and I was blown away! I’m currently on a journey this year to overcome my fears and to establish a firm foothold on the path to reach my dreams and vision. It’s a wild journey and one I highly recommend everyone take for themselves!

WOW … JUST WOW!! What I learned from Ed Mylett’s story of “Broke to $400 Million”!

(See the interview here – Broke to $400 Million) Here are my biggest take aways from this amazing interview.

CONFIDENCE is your reputation with yourself and grows as you consistently keep the promises you make to yourself!

“Good” is the ENEMY of Great!!! Comfort or “getting by” often stops people from going for their dreams and vision. They feel they have too much (or is it just enough) to lose to warrant taking risks! This is probably why rags-to-riches stories are often the stories we hear the most, because desperation breeds innovation. It’s incredibly difficult to break away from the “good” and “okay” mindsets.

Blessings often come in unexpected packages that don’t look like a blessing. Something that may appear horrible at the time (i.e., being fired, going bankrupt, being diagnosed with cancer, an injury if some sort, etc.) may in fact be the catalyst required to put you in a different path – a path that leads to your true destiny! Everything happens “for” you not “to” you!

Before starting any endeavor, we need to “pre-negotiate our will to win. Most people’s will to win is for sale.” If your will to win has a price then expect to fail! If your will to win cannot be bought, expect to win because at some point despite the bumps, falls, and fails along the way, you WILL have a breakthrough that will catapult you to your success! But if you are willing to sell your dream along the hard road, you will never reach your intended destination. “There’s always someone waiting to write you a check to fail!” NEVER sell out!

We do not communicate with words but rather with feelings, with passion, with vision!

Your brain cannot process vanilla, non-specific dreams. Examples: “I want to get in shape,” “I need to make more money,” “I wish I could travel more,” or “I need to lose some weight,” etc. Your brain thrives on solving SPECIFIC dreams and vision! Examples: “I want to have 10% body fat,” or “I am going to live in THAT house by x date,” “I am going to travel to Nova Scotia in August 2019,” etc.

*️⃣ Specific Dreams

*️⃣ Specific Vision

*️⃣ Specific Goals

*️⃣ Massive Action

“Everyone is self made, but only the successful admit it.” – Omar Ellatar

Each new version of myself should ALWAYS be BETTER than the previous version of me! Who I was last year should NEVER be better than who I am today. And who I am next year should be better than who I am today.

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most. Want to be successful? Then start hanging out with successful people! Seek out people who STRETCH and CHALLENGE you, avoid people who simply validate you and pay you lip service to stroke your ego, never encouraging you to grow.

Don’t just HOPE your dreams will come true! ASSUME your dreams and vision not only will come true but are being birthed right now!!

Put everything I have out there every time. Hold nothing back! When I feel like quitting, look at whatever excuse I’m using and LET IT GO!! Let go of the part of me I hold in reserve as my excuse to quit, the piece that is there to protect me from the possibility of the pain of failure.

When I finally reach each goal along the path to my vision, NEVER quit doing the things that got me there! Don’t “manage” success! Keep DOING the things that got me there. Keep EVOLVING!

“Evolve or dissolve!” – Omar Ellator

“Things don’t matter, people matter.” – Ed Mylett

Change is calling you? Are you going to accept or decline the call?

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