I’M THROUGH WITH BEING “FULL OF POTENTIAL!” My soul searching bonanza to learn how to take responsibility for what’s on my mind.

So, this past 2 months (if I really want to be honest, this past 2 years) has been a soul searching marathon and bonanza for me. Here I am more than half a century old, I live a reasonably good life, am comfortable with where I am, BUT I’ve had a deep sense that I’ve wasted much of my life. How could that be, you might ask? If everything is going well how can that be a waste? These types of thoughts began my marathon journey to dig past the surface of my life into the deep, dark, scary parts of my very being.

Have you ever felt afraid to think about what’s on your mind? I know I have been, because to think about what was on my mind meant I had to take responsibility for what was on my mind! THAT was the scariest thing I could think … even more scary than those damn Ferris Wheels, which terrify me to death!

As Ray Higdon and Ed Mylett (two of my success heroes) say, “okay” is the enemy of success! “Okay” robs the vast majority of people of reaching their full potential, their ability to impact countless lives, and their ability to reach a full level of satisfaction in their lives. “Okay” often robs us of our ability to take risks to “go for it,” whatever “it” is in your life. “Okay” leads to a life of “what ifs” and regret of never going for our dreams. “Okay” is a dream stealer and dream killer! “Okay” is the dictator of a life of mediocrity. “Okay” is safe and comfortable! “Okay” results in gravestones that read, “She was full of potential.”

I’m through with being “full of potential!”

My dream … VISION, really … has always been to have a life of impact! But somewhere along the path of my life, my vision was crushed out of me as a result of choices I made and allowing the stuff of life and me owning the lies of others to rob me of my dreams and vision. I allowed myself to believe that I‘m not good enough, no one cares about what I have to say and offer, I can’t risk losing what I already have to go for some ephemeral dream that likely won’t ever happen anyway, so WHY TRY! It’s better to be safe rather than sorry! Right?

Can you relate to any of that kind of thinking?

BUT, WAIT! (Imagine the sound of screeching tires ringing in your head as the dawn of realization occurs!) Being “safe” actually creates a state of sorrow! If I’m already sorry, then why the hell shouldn’t I go ahead and go for my dreams? The worst thing that could happen by me going for them is that nothing changes, which means I’m no worse off than I am right now! The best thing that could happen by me going for my dreams is … THEY MIGHT ACTUALLY COME TRUE!!! Oh my! Lightbulb and AHA moment! Woohoot!

Over the past two years, as I have been on my journey of enlightenment, I have come to realize that I’ve been a fence sitter for most of my life. I’ve sat on that fence looking at both sides trying to figure out which side will result in happiness and success, all the while dream after dream passed by and out of sight. I was recently listening to Jim Rohn when he said something that completely knocked me off that proverbial fence. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on. Just get off the damn fence! You’ll find out pretty darn fast if you got off on the wrong side, and then you can make a course correction by climbing back over that fence (without getting back on to stay)!

So how does all this relate to me taking responsibility for what I’m thinking? And, why is that important to know anyway? Everything we do starts with a thought. If you don’t like where your life is at right now, look at your thought life! Think about what’s on your mind! Thoughts control how you respond to any given situation in your life. The truly fascinating fact is that MOST of what we create, process, and reason, is done without our ever consciously knowing that we’re doing it.

The late Jim Rohn taught that for things to change YOU must change. You cannot control what other people do, think, or say. But, you CAN control how you choose to respond. But to be able to consciously choose how you respond to any given situation, you must first take control of your thought life.

So, are you someone who wants their life to change? Do you wish people would treat you better? Do you wish you weren’t in so much debt? Do you wish you could lose weight, get healthier, eat better, be in better shape, have a job that you actually enjoy, … you fill in the blank? The first step is to look at your thought life. The next step is to become willing to clean your thought life up.

Don’t like your life? Stop wishing for things and people around you to change. You have no control over them. Start with what you do have control of, YOU! Knowledge without action is useless. For things to change YOU must change. For things to get better, YOU must get better!

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