The 3 Questions Everyone WILL Ask Themselves as They Near the End of Their Lives!

The 3 Questions Everyone WILL Ask Themselves as They Near the End of Their Lives!

1️⃣ Did I truly LIVE? Did I experience life to the fullest? Did I “go for” my Dreams? Or, did I simply skate through this thing we call life?

2️⃣ Did I CARE enough and LOVE enough? Who will I miss and who will miss me when I’m gone? Or, will I even be missed?

3️⃣ Did my life MATTER? Did I make an impact in this world? Did I fulfill my destiny? Or, was my existence a wasted life?

Someone recently told me to write my eulogy. I did and I didn’t like what it said! It simply said, “She had great potential that she never realized!” This set me on a path to change what my eulogy will say!

Family and friends have often wondered HOW I was able to get through tragedies and disasters in my life without becoming bitter and chronically depressed. My simple answer is perspective, resilience, and a choice.

*️⃣ Perspective is our attitude about and how we see an event, something, or someone.

*️⃣ Resilience is our ability to persevere despite life’s devastating tragedies and disasters.

*️⃣ Choice is when we choose to perceive in a particular way that enables us to resiliently persevere.

So how will I rewrite my eulogy? Simple! Notice, I did not say easy. In fact, I have actually already begun the process. I sat down one day and took the advice of many people and wrote down my dreams, my vision, and my goals. Dreams being what I want the trappings of my life to look like (external). Vision being WHO I want to become (internal). Goals being the necessary steps to achieve my dreams and goals.

“So that’s all well and fine,” you may say. “I’ve done that before, but nothing ever changed!” My question to you is a simple but powerful one. It makes ALL the difference between success and utter failure. Did you take consistent, massive ACTION over a long enough and sustained period of time to implement your goals (the necessary steps) that will make success inevitable?

My problem in the past was always PARALYZING FEAR and INACTION!

Moving forward, ACTION is what it’s all about! My mission in life is to help others learn to choose their perspective. To take every previously perceived failure and use those “failures” to propel them forward to achieve resilience. To persevere and to take sustained and consistent action toward fulfilling their life’s dreams, vision, and goals.

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