YOUR ACTIVITY DETERMINES YOUR SUCCESS! Or, why couch potatoes wish their dreams away and never succeed!

The 5 Rules for Success:

1️⃣ Find your vision — and follow it! Cultivate your dreams, vision, and goals, and then take action! Dreams are about what you want the trappings of your life to look like. Vision is all about WHO you want to become! Goals are the specific steps (the roadmap if you will) that are required to reach your goal. Action is the implementation of the goals!

2️⃣ Never ever think small — shoot for the stars! You just might hit the moon! Don’t think about what’s “realistic” but rather about what you truly want and desire. If you refuse to give your dreams even the thought of possibility, then they will never come to fruition. Dream and then BELIEVE!!

3️⃣ Ignore the naysayers — they’re always going to be there! Don’t ever let someone else steal your dreams! You have to work hard and develop a very thick skin against those who would try to steal your dreams by telling you your dream is impossible or that you’re not “smart” enough, or anything else! Many of the naysayers may actually be people who live you and may actually believe they are “helping” you by crushing your dreams. You don’t necessarily have to turn your back on them, but you do need to insulate yourself from their negativity. When you experience set backs on your path to your dream, be like Thomas Edison who said that he hadn’t failed but rather found 10,000 ways that didn’t work. What if he had quit at number 9,999? We would still be living by candlelight. Instead, he kept plugging away at his desk to create the incandescent lightbulb despite MANY naysayers!

4️⃣ Work you ass off — get off the damn couch and get into ACTION! Knowledge without action is useless and a waste of time. Learn, yes! But don’t stop at learning. Implement what you learn! It is action that makes all dreams possible! If you aren’t seeing progress toward a dream, take an honest and brutal look at what you are doing. Are you sitting in front of a TV for hours on end? Are you reading pleasure books for hours on end? Are you playing games for hours on end? What is it that you are doing that is stealing time away from you going for your dreams? Decide to use that wasted time to actively work toward your dreams!!

5️⃣ Don’t just take — give back! Success without impact is lonely and depressing. Get creative, and find or create a way to positively impact the lives of others. There are plenty of highly successful people in the world who are lonely and depressed. They appear to have it all and then one day you hear they have taken their own life out I utter despair. Marry your success with giving back and impacting the lives of those less fortunate than you. Get creative even in your giving back. Find a way to give back that makes you feel good, that fills a void in your soul, that touches the heart of something that may have been missing from your life at an earlier age. Were you hungry growing up? Provide food. Find what moves you and start there. If you don’t have much money right now, then use your hands in service. Start where you are with the resources you have available to you right now.

“Learn the system, implement the system, master the system!” — Rebecca Witherspoon

“Justifying where you are now keeps you where you are now!” — Ray Higdon

“Because if not us, who? Because if not now, when?” — Arnold Schwarzenegger

For more inspiration, practical advice, and just a whole lot of fun, comment below or email me, and keep comingback!

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