(Shared from one of my Facebook posts)

Some may wonder why you see me some days and other days you don’t. The simple answer is that I’m learning and growing every day and the days you see me are my “good”days. I am learning to become vulnerable enough to share myself on my “bad” days. In the past I always thought people didn’t want to see me or listen to me in my down times. I am learning that that belief is just not true. People actually want to be a part of my journey. So, here’s the beginning of my becoming vulnerable.

Many of you will not know that I battle extreme fatigue and recurring bouts of pain. Knowing that I’m not alone in my particular struggles has been so powerful! Becoming very clear and focused on my dreams, vision, and goals has been incredibly helpful in beginning to learn how to step over or push past my fatigue and pain. Although I have developed many, many coping skills through decades of ups and downs, I definitely continue to struggle with being consistently able to implement the actions required to reach my goals. When the fatigue and pain subside for a time, I push hard. When the fatigue and pain flare up, I don’t push nearly as hard. In the past this would put me into a terrible downward cycle of depression, sometimes to the point of giving up on my dreams.

Surrounding myself with positive, uplifting, and successful people has probably helped me more than anything else ever could. They say that you become the average of the five people you interact with the most. I completely and 💯 percent believe this to be true.

Submerging myself in personal development has also enabled me to allow myself grace in my down times, which in turn has enabled me to continue to do those activities I AM able to do in those down times — something in the past I wouldn’t have done. When the fatigue and pain lifts, I hop right back up and push hard again, taking advantage of my increased energy to get closer to fulfilling my vision.

Working hard on my mindset, especially during the down times, has been vitally important in my personal journey. Being able to “accept” who I am right now allows me to continue to grow into the person I am wanting to become.

As Ray Higdon has said, “Those who struggle the most, persevere, and eventually overcome are going to have a POWERFUL story of success to share!!”

In the coming days, you will see my journey more clearly. There will be days when I go “live” and most of them will be on my “good” days, but moving forward my plan is to allow you to actually see me even on some of my not so good days. I’ve hidden much of my struggles from friends (and even my own family). My goals are set, my vision is clear, my dreams are huge, my aim is true. I invite y’all into my world. I’d love for you to invite me into yours.

“Keep on keeping on!” —Joyce Meyer

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