Have you ever found yourself stuck? Not just a little stuck, but REALLY stuck to the point you have no idea how to get unstuck? Have you ever wished for something but then … NOTHING? Have you ever been going along nicely in life and … BOOM 💥… something happens that may or may not have been within your personal control to just knock you flat on your face? Have you ever found yourself at an absolute loss as to HOW to get your life, business, job, or whatever back on track? Why even try?! I’m so tired of trying and never getting anywhere! Fate is against me and I’m never going to succeed anyway so I’m just gonna give up! Do ANY of these kinds of thoughts sound even remotely familiar?

I’ve had MANY ups and downs in my life. Some have been of my own doing and some are the result of outside forces. All those thoughts I mentioned above, I’ve thought at one time or another. I’d be going along in life, and things would be looking up and … BOOM 💥 … something would happen to derail me in some way financially, emotionally, or relationship wise. The result would be me stopping dead in my tracks and sinking into a deep depression.

About six years ago things ever so slightly began to change — for the better. I was at an all-time low in my life physically and emotionally and I joined a local weight-loss challenge. I was introduced to a new way of thinking, some products I was highly skeptical of, and some incredible people! I experienced some unexpected and great results on the products, but more importantly I began my journey of discovery and personal growth!

I see my past (and current) struggles much like getting my vehicle out of a deep muddy hole it’s been stuck in. Where the heck did that muddy pothole come from anyway? How did I end up here? Why does this always seem to happen to me? Why can’t something good finally happen for me? When is it going to be MY turn to win?

What I’ve learned over the past few years is that ACTION, consistent action, consistently doing the RIGHT action is VITAL to achieving whoever goal I set. But to be able to actually DO that action, I must first be 💯 percent, no holds barred committed to achieving a specific goal. I must (in my own mind) give absolutely no quarter to any alternative to the ultimate success of my identified goal! Once that mindset has been achieved the rest really is simple. Notice I did not say easy!

So what’s the “simple” part, you might ask?! Once you identify a goal, you need to determine what steps are required to achieve that goal. How you go about identifying those steps is actually determined by the nature of what the goal is. Here’s some examples. May you want to bake a German Chocolate Cake but have never done it before, simply find someone who has successfully done it before you and follow their recipe. If you don’t personally know someone then find a cookbook or go online and type in “German Chocolate Cake” and recipient will unfold before your eyes. That’s an easy one. What about something a little more complex? How about, I want to make $1,000,000 in one year. First answer the question HOW you want to make that money. Do you want to build a business? Do you want to invest and build passive income? If a business, what kind of business? If through investing, what type of investing: stocks, real estate, for your retirement, etc.? Now, just like you do with learning how to bake a German Chocolate Cake, simply find others who have already successfully done what you’re wanting to do. Learn what they did, and follow the steps they took.

What’s not so “easy” about this “simple” process is you actively and consistently implementing the ACTION required to reach your desired goal. But, by CONSISTENTLY implementing the right actions required, there really is no alternative to ultimately reaching your goal. Notice, I said RIGHT actions. If you wish to bake that German Chocolate Cake, and you neglect to put it in the oven at the RIGHT temperature, you’re not going to end up with the desired outcome. It’s either going to be a liquidy mess or a BURNT, crispy rock. Knowing what the RIGHT steps are and then doing those right steps is key!

So how does the process look like as you’re implementing those right steps? I’ll return to my analogy. At first it feels like I’m just spinning those wheels! It takes some time to gain some traction. But if I’ll just keep going traction does eventually happen. Maybe I have to make some adjustments along the way, maybe even place some type of tool under a wheel to assist my efforts, maybe even enlist others to help push me along. At first it feels like I’m getting no where and then … I feel a wheel grab something — I’m not sure what and I’m not sure if it’s going hold, but that feeling gives me a spark of hope that maybe, just maybe, I’m beginning to make some headway! So, I keep on because I begin to feel just a liiiiiittle bit of forward motion. Then, the other wheel takes hold of something and I might suddenly jump forward a good chunk of distance. Keep it up, I tell myself! I can do it, I cheer myself on! I begin to realize that if I just never give up and keep doing what I know I need to do I WILL succeed! The only alternative to success? Me quitting and being stuck in that damn muddy hole forever! And that is just UNACCEPTABLE!!!

I’m at the stage right now where I can feel traction beginning to take hold. I just beginning to build some momentum. I have to keep implementing the RIGHT steps so that eventually that momentum will propel me out of where I am now to where I want to be. Then when I finally get out, I have to remember what got me out and keep doing those same things to continue to peoples me further and faster along. Once you get out of the hole, if you’ll remember what it took to get out, you’ll never be limited again. You’ll know HOW to do it when that next muddy pothole comes along—and I promise another one WILL come into your path. First and foremost, NEVER give up! And remember, consistently doing the right actions eventually propels you out of the hole and ultimately to your desired goal!

I invite y’all into my world. I’d love for y’all to invite me into yours. If you found this helpful, please let me know by commenting below. If you’d like to learn even more helpful tools for getting out of stuck places, drop me an e-mail.

Failure is not “failure,” but rather a step along the path to success!

Rebecca Witherspoon

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