DON’T LET THE “WHAT IFS” STOP YOU FROM GOING FOR YOUR DREAMS!! Choosing and implementing your “One Word”!

Someone said recently that “knowledge without action is useless.” That statement profoundly affected me down to the very core of my being. I am someone who has “prided” myself on the knowledge I have acquired through the years. That statement made me realize how utterly useless my acquisition of knowledge has been to date. Why, you may ask? Because despite the encyclopedic volume of knowledge I have acquired, I was virtually never APPLYING that knowledge to my life!

Wow! That was incredibly humbling!!! I am so incredibly thankful for that statement bringing me to a humble state of willingness to actually IMPLEMENT what I LEARN. As a result of this humbling, I’ve literally gone back to the basics! And the basics involve my being coachable and focusing on a few simple but profoundly important things that need to change in my life for me to finally realize (aka achieve) what it is I was put on this earth to achieve!

One of those profoundly “simple” things was me choosing one word by which to focus all my activities this year. The one word I chose is FEAR which is the antithesis of COURAGE! I had tried using the word courage, but for me it was not strong enough to keep me inspired and motivated to actually do what was required to become courageous. FEAR on the other hand is strong enough! I will do just about anything short of jumping out of a plane, getting on a Ferris wheel (after all there is fear and then there is simple logical safety issues 😳), or breaking the law to overcome FEAR!

Recently I did a live video where I talked about how important choosing one word to focus your activity and life throughout the coming year can be. Today, I’d really like to expand on that topic. (If you haven’t already seen the video, here’s a link for you to go watch it (

In today’s live video I will talk about

  1. Figuring out which “what ifs” are holding you back
  2. How to choose your one word
  3. How to implement your one word
  4. What to expect from implementing your one word
  5. How to adjust your one word if it’s just not cutting it for you

Here’s a link to today’s video lesson (

As always, I’m inviting y’all into my world. I’d love for y’all to invite me into yours. If you found this helpful, please let me know by commenting below. If you’d like to learn even more helpful tools for how to reach a desired goal, please private message or email me.

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