1. Drinking water helps you lose weight. Studies by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association have shown that people who drink 2 cups of water 1/2 hour before consuming breakfast resulted in eating 13% less and losing around 44% more weight than people who did not drink water regularly.
  2. Water keeps you sharp. Want to improve your mental edge? Drink water. According to the Institute of Psychiatry, even a moderate amount of dehydration (like what happens when you work out) can dramatically affect the brains ability to perform simple tasks.
  3. Water assists your lymphatic system. So what is the lymphatic system! Don’t go getting scientific on me now!! Simply put, it’s everywhere in your body and is a big part of your circulatory system—you know, that system that pushes blood through your body! If you dehydrate your lymphatic system, your blood has a harder time moving which results in that sluggish feeling I bet you’ve experienced from time to time. That’s your body telling you to drink a glass of water!
  4. Drinking water keeps your skin looking young. Here’s the simple take away. Drink less = more wrinkles, and more dry and fragile skin. Drink more = less wrinkles, and more soft, pliable, strong, and youthful skin. No amount of skin cream can undo the damage caused by dehydration.
  5. Drinking water can reduce your risk for cancer. Oh my gosh! I’m making a medical claim! Yes, I am! But the fact is, scientific studies have proven that by simply increasing your water intake you can reduce your risk for bladder cancer up to 50% and for colon cancer by up to 45%, and there’s even growing evidence to support a reduction in the risk for breast cancer. Is water the holy grail, or what?!
  6. Water helps you build muscle. The amount of water in your cells determines whether muscle breakdown occurs. FYI, muscle breakdown = not so good! Studies have shown that adequate cellular hydration results in reduced protein breakdown, improved digestion, helps to maintain healthy digestive plumbing which results in better absorption of the nutrients I hope you’re consuming.
  7. Water is good for your joints. Just like a car needs fresh oil on a regular basis to run smoothly or else it will slowly but surely seize and stop moving, so too do the joints of your body require adequate hydration. Wanna reduce that grinding and aching in the joints? Drink a tall glass of water! Regularly!
  8. Dehydration can lead to kidney failure. Studies have shown that prolonged and persistent dehydration can have a profoundly disastrous impact on your health. It won’t appear immediately, but the Compound Effect (great book by the way, by Darren Hardy) over time can lead to life threatening consequences, especially in children and older folks.
  9. Water improves your mood. Have you ever felt sluggish, super tired, confused, and just generally lacking motivation? Drink a tall glass of water and see what happens! The Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research on Aging in Boston has proven that adequate hydration improves mood and decreases fatigue and confusion.
  10. Drinking water improves your memory. Hmm! What was it I was gonna say? Where are my keys now? Geeze, every time I walk into a room I forget what I went there for! Do those kinds of statements sound familiar? That could be your brain in dehydration mode. Your brain is 80% water! Daaaaaang! 80%? That’s a lot of water in my head!! Seriously though. Research has shown that adequate hydration significantly improves the results of people who have undergone cognitive tests.

So if the simple act of drinking a free glass of clear water can have such dramatic effects on your health and overall feeling of wellness, what’s stopping you?

Here’s drinking to your health!

If I you found this article helpful, please let me know by commenting below. If you’d like to learn even more helpful tools for how to reach a desired goal, private message or email me.

Failure is not “failure,” but rather a step along the path to success!

Rebecca Witherspoon


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